Why Go Green? Organic Carpet Cleaning is Better for your Health and the Planet!!

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Every March, residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul can’t wait to open their windows, and clean their homes after a long winter of spending time in their home. Dust, mud, and dirt accumulate over the winter in your carpet and upholstery – it’s time to freshen up! This year, people are even more interested in spring cleaning because of COVID and spending large amounts of time inside. You might also be worried about exposing your family members and pets to harsh chemicals while cleaning your home. Organic Carpet Cleaning may be a good choice for you during spring cleaning season this year! 

What’s the difference between Traditional and Organic Carpet Cleaning? 

The main difference is the materials we use during the cleaning process. During traditional carpet cleaning, harsh chemicals are used to lift dirt and stains from your home’s carpet. Long after the carpet cleaning team leaves, even when the carpet is dry, some of those chemicals remain in the carpet, exposing your family over time to that residue. Young children who like to play on the carpeted floor come in contact with that residue and may have allergic reactions or even respiratory issues. Pets who sleep on the carpet may suffer skin allergies, causing scratching and patchy skin. You want a clean house, but you don’t want your family members to suffer!

The materials we use in our Organic Carpet Cleaning process are all non-toxic and even though the chemicals are less harsh, they are just as effective as traditional carpet cleaning. Safe, effective and gentle for the people and pets you care most about! Another benefit to using a natural, organic cleaning method is that these materials are more gentle on carpeting and upholstery, which can extend the life of these expensive to replace items.

Is Organic Carpet cleaning better for the Environment? 

In addition to being a safer alternative for your family, and your carpet, the Organic Carpet cleaning process we use is environmentally friendly! Toxic chemicals in traditional carpet cleaners can make their way into the ground water – a very important issue in Minneapolis – a city famous for lakes and rivers. At All Star Carpet cleaning, we care about our environment, and want to make sure we don’t contaminate lakes and rivers and impact our  drinking water supplies. Because we use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning agents in our organic carpet cleaning process, we have earned the Green Clean Certifcation. 

At All Star Carpet Cleaning, we recommend that you use our Organic Carpet Cleaning Service for your spring cleaning this year. There’s nothing like the feeling of a freshly cleaned home, and you and your family can breathe easier, knowing that you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home without harsh chemicals. Book Online or call to get an estimate and learn more about our Organic Carpet Cleaning Process: 651-500-4144

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